Commercial Maintenance

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We offer a variety of commercial maintenance services to fulfill any commercial property maintenance needs. Quality is important to us. We strive to exceed clients' expectation on every job. 

Maintenance Services:

  • Lawn maintenance - Mowing, edging, trimming and removal of all noticeable clippings from the property.
  • Cool/warm season weed control program - Pre-emergent, post-emergent weed control and fertilizer.
  • Pest control - Flea and tick, fire ants, grub worms, and ornamental tree and shrub pests.
  • Shrub and bed maintenance - Trimming all ornamental shrubs, cultivating and removing weeds from all beds.
  • Tree and shrub care - Pest, disease control and fertilizing of all ornamental trees and shrubs.
  • Sprinkler check, service, and installation - Checking and adjusting sprinkler control boxes and adjusting sprinkler heads if necessary.
  • Seasonal flowers - Planting spring, summer and fall flowers.
  • Holiday decor - Christmas lights, seasonal container planting, fall hay bales, pumpkins and much more.
  • Rye and Fescue Overseeding - Aeration and over seed. Applied in early fall.
  • Leaf clean up -Leaf removal and property clean up in fall and early winter.
  • Tree trimming - Proper trimming of all trees on the property. (December Service)
  • Core Aeration - Aeration in summer for a thicker and healthier lawn.
  • Pavement and crack spraying -Applying herbicides to all pavement cracks to maintain a clean parking lot and sidewalks.
  • Trash pick-up - Weekly visits to the property for trash pick- up and looking for any problems.
  • Monthly Inspections - Your property manager inspecting for any small maintenance issues to be serviced