Our Goal?


To Improve Our Environment

Frequently, those little green factories at our feet are taken for granted.  It's easy to overlook the many reasons why a healthy lawn or a dense athletic turf is an essential part of our lives.

  • Aesthetically Pleasing - The value of the turfed areas have been recognized for their beauty since China's Emperors maintained mowed-grass areas. Today lawns are an integral part of home landscaping and public parks.
  • Business improvement - Businesses and manufacturing complex that have well maintained grassy areas, create a favorable impression to the general public, employees and customers. Lawns increase the value of property by up to 15 percent.
  • Climate Control - Turf grasses create appreciably cool temperatures, thus working as exterior "air conditioners".
  • Dust Filter - Dust and smoke particles from the atmosphere are trapped by turf, keeping our air cleaner and fresher.
  • Erosion Control - Grasses great control erosion by intercepting raindrops before they disturb the soil and slow flowing water so that larger soil particles are captured from the collected water.Fire Retardation - Buffer areas of well maintained grassy lawns around buildings are good insurance against fire.
  • Golf Courses - Millions play golf for exercise, relaxation and business transactions.
  • Health Promoter - Turf grasses erosion clean air, generates oxygen and gives serene beautiful landscape.Injury Reducer, Junk Prevention, Landscape Of America, Market Value, Oxygen Factory, Pollutant Blocker, Quiet Inducing, Runoff Control, Safety Net, etc... as you can see the list continues on and on.


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