Turf Appeal Inc., a full service landscape management company in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma was founded in 2005. After working 10 years for landscape companies, Matt Doerr learned what some companies did right and what they did wrong. We know to be successful we must fill the needs of others too.

Our goal is to be a professional, affordable and profitable landscape management company. Our mission statement WHAT EVER IT TAKES is a strong message for our teams to know what it takes to guarantee we are continuing to provide a quality and professional service to our clients. Whatever it takes to make each person on our team an asset to our company and environment. Please look around our website and learn how we can help you. Contact Us Today


Why We're Better

  • We specialize in outdoor maintenance
  • If we do not offer a service, we will hire a professional service provider for our clients and manage the project
  • Our company is committed to improving the environment, our industry; employees and helping clients achieve their goals
  • We do whatever it takes to help our clients grow and to be successful
  • Our goal is not to be the largest company, but the most affordable and profitable

Why They're Not

  • Got too big too fast
  • Offer too many different kinds of services
  • Don't focus on the clients needs for growth

Hours of Business

Mon- Thur 7am- 4pm CST


Phone: 405-869-9755
Fax: 405-869-9688

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